WCDC is a HUD approved counseling agency, offering comprehensive housing counseling administered by certified counselors, which includes mortgage default and delinquency counseling. In an effort to avoid foreclosures, WCDC works with homeowners and lenders to initiate loss mitigation components such as Special Forbearance, Mortgage Modification and the HUD Partial Claim and Refinancing. In the event that our applications are non-efficacious, we will assist with counseling in the areas of Pre-Foreclosure Sale and Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure or related recommendations. Our counseling services also include Homebuyers Education, HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or Reverse Mortgage) for senior citizens, financial management and budgeting, affordable rental housing providers and landlord intervention. If there seems to be a problem that cannot be resolved through our efforts, the individual or family shall be formally referred to an alternative housing or non-housing agency that may be able to render assistance.

WCDC acquires units for rehabilitation or property for new construction; developing affordable, safe and decent housing for income eligible families whom may otherwise have to live in conditions that are substandard, not affordable or dangerous to the health or welfare of family members. Over 70% of WCDC rental program participants are Section 8 eligible and screened by the local T.O.B. Housing Assistance Agency. The remaining rental participants meet the Home Income guidelines set by HUD. Agency staff also assists consumers with the forms and documents needed for obtaining initial or renewing Section 8 and HOME subsidies.

Enhancing the service of creating housing for families, we work closely with each family unit from the inception of their tenancy. Program, recipients are taught how to be responsible for the upkeep of the dwelling, tenants' rights, the difference between what is actually the landlord's responsibility and the tenant's, and the proper channels for getting things done. We brainstorm together, not always to simplify the way that things are to be done, but to make sure that things are done in the proper manner.

Utilizing local Government and allocated WCDC program income, our concept for a Senior Energy and Rehabilitation Program (SERP) has created a template for a program which will serve elderly populated households in the Babylon Township. SERP targets elderly and frail elderly households with income ranges below 80% of the median income for our area. The program is designed to provide moderate rehabilitation grants to qualified households for repairs that will rectify energy deficiencies, meet HUD housing quality standards and correct code violations.

The program shall complement community renewal goals by providing benefits that preserve decent, safe, affordable housing to income eligible special populations. Our program will help guide participants with housing objectives that may correct safety issues and affordability concerns. Unit modifications and repairs will assist the targeted population in their daily activities and energy consumption. Our efforts are designed to ultimately produce housing conditions which enhance the quality of life, promote energy conservation and assist in the ongoing community renewal efforts, including although not limited to assisting the "Aging in Place" concept.